About The Rusin Association

The Rusin Association of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

The Rusin Association works to:

  • Help people identify and connect with their Carpatho-Rusyn heritage
  • Support genealogy research
  • Promote Carpatho-Rusyn culture through music, dance, art and literature
  • Maintain relationships with churches that have historical connections to the Carpatho-Rusyn people

The Rusin Association was established in 1983 by Lawrence Goga and John Haluska. It was incorporated as the Carpatho-Rusyn Ethnic Association of Minnesota. In 1985 the name was changed to Rusin Association.

The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Encourage, cultivate and enhance the ethnic stature and social relationship of its members
  • Foster harmonious relations with other Slavic nationalities and all ethnic groups in general
  • Preserve and perpetuate the culture of the Rusyn people.

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