The Rusin Association holds the following:​

  • Duchnovich Dinner
  • Rus’Kyj Den picnic
  • Holiday Hostina
  • Lectures and presentations

Our organization represents the Carpatho-Rusyn Community in Minnesota by participating in or sponsoring:​

  • Festival of Nations
  • Workshops, Lectures & Seminars
  • Tours of the Rusyn Homeland
  • Cultural Festivities in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

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Body, Mind & Spirit: Our Carpatho-Rusyn Ancestors’ Approach to Health ​

Guest speaker
Dr. Celia Hildebrand, DAOM, Lac

Learn more about
Carpatho-Rusyn folk medicine perspectives, values and cultural significance.

Dr. Hildebrand is an assistant research professor at the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona. She will share the story how her maternal heritage informed a career that took her back to the Carpathian Mountain foothills to teach at the Uzhorod National University School of Medicine.

Dr. Hildebrand is also a contributing faculty member of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine.

Handout – Botanical Provenance of Traditional Medicines From Carpathian Mountains at the Ukrainian-Polish Border (Click here for more information)

Freedom Seekers: The Story of My Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage From Galicia to the Iron Range of Minnesota

Link to recording (